When I watched the movie “Laputa: Castle In The Sky” I thought the story went a little slow at first.  However, even the slowest parts of the movie could be enjoyed because of the inspiring background in nearly every scene.  After having read the post “The Father of Anime-Hayao Miyazaki” and how Miyazaki was a master of painting, I can see why he made sure everything in this movie was so stunning.  The movie also picked up speed so after about an hour so it was both breathe-taking and exciting for the last hour of the film.  The visuals of the film also helped me as the viewer forget about the tension in the story of the film.  This relief of tension where the viewer could relax on an alternate focus from the story seemed to be a reoccurring theme of the film.
The main focus of the movie is all about a castle which is hidden in the clouds.  The main character is a little girl who is a princess to this forgotten castle and has attained a special crystal heirloom from her grandmother.  This crystal is the key to many secrets of the castle in the sky and many people want its powers for their own desires.  The main villain is a prince to the castle and wants to control the crystal and the castle for power.  Throughout the movie, the crystal falls into different hands and the main character Sheeta and her friend Pazu help each other keep the crystal from being misused.
The movie had a unique focus on how important children could be in a plot.  This feature made it most appealing to children because they can identify with the characters in the film.  This ties in with the post about Miyazaki, I also read how he focuses on the happiness of children.  This stands out to me now that I think about the film now because Sheeta and Pozu seem to be a happy-go-lucky couple as long as they have each other.  Everything must turn out well with their future in this films simply because they are children.  Of course in almost any child’s film in Western culture there is a perfectly happy ending.  Even in the middle of this film when there are still trials to overcome, the children almost seem blissfully unaware of the task at hand at certain times in this film though.  This gives the film a lighthearted feel and relief of the plot many times.
This movie emphasizes the moments in which we need to enjoy life no matter what we may be going through.  Just looking up in the sky once a while and thanking God for the day on the way to a stressful class can be a relief that many of us need.  The movie is littered with ways in which the viewer can take a break from stress and if we remembered to take breaks in life, maybe we could eliminate some of our own stress.



Matt Ellis