My Neighbor Totoro

is a 1993 film about two children who find this imaginary world where they discover these loveable and amazing creatures they called Totoros. No adults can see these Totoro creatures, only the children.

  This film has developed many themes in which anyone can connect to while watching. One theme would be imagination. These children are able to go “into another world” and explore and learn about these mystical creatures. Kids, more than adults, use their imagination to go on adventures and learn through exploring others “worlds” in their minds. This film does a great job at showing children it is okay to use your imagination and have fun! I think as adults, people forget how to use their imagination or just decide not to use it at all. Children need to explore and go into a different state of mind that they have created, to learn and experience life in a different matter.

Another theme presented throughout this film is how important family is to this family. The mother, in the entire movie, is placed in the hospital and the director never presented a reason why. The father and two daughters decided to move into a house closer to the hospital, and their mother. Being that the mother was not able to be around, a neighbor friend tends to help around the house and take care of the girls to help the father out when he is a work. I believe that because of the situation of the mother, the family is growing together more. The two sisters get along very well, except for an incident at the end, which is not what we usually see in families today. This movie can help show siblings how to create a close bond with each other for the sake of being family. Not only children, but also the whole family can learn from this movie how to form a close relationship, before a tragic situation happens.

 This movie can teach children how to use their imagination and other families a lot about the relationships we form as a family. I would recommend taking the time to watch this movie with your children, not just for entertainment, but also to learn from it as a whole. Here is a website for you parents to read more about how imagination can help your children.

(Posted by: Megan Fisher)