Producer Miyazaki seems to like to put ideas into the minds of his viewers which do not seem to make sense at first.  Change is every present in this world and Miyazaki is pushing for change in the right direction.  Just when society thinks of a situation one way, Miyazaki makes us think in such an abstract way that it can easily change our opinion on the matter.  People’s opinions can not only change but it can make people want to do something for the better of the world.
In the movie “Laputa: Castle in the Sky” Miyazaki apparently wants to correlate a cooperative relationship between nature and technology.  It seems like an oxymoron to have natural technology but that is exactly what the source of Laputa’s power is.  It is a stone that no human has produced artificially and it is the greatest source of power the world has ever known.  It seems to instill in the viewer’s mind a beautiful relationship of technology how it can actually help preserve nature.  People might think of technology as the reason for why there is so much pollution or why nature has problems.  This is simply not true and Miyazaki illustrates this in his film: “Laputa: Castle In The Sky” by showing how technology helps and protects nature.  (Lioi, 2)  He uses a robot to illustrate the potential that humans have when war is not in our minds.  That potential is to live in harmony with the living.  (Lioi, 9)  With this revelation, it is clear that humans are the threat to life but can also do a world of good.
The thought of what life could be like if everything was perfect is an inspiring thought.  Miyazaki uses the beauty of the landscapes in some of his scenes to depict how the mind can imagine what “perfection” would be like.  It begs questions such as: “is this kind of utopia out of reach?” and “what might we do to get closer to this perfection?” (Lioi, 14)  With this movie, I believe that Miyazaki wants us to believe that though absolute perfection is out of reach, we can still try to reach it.
The thought provoking genius of Miyazaki is astounding because it can make the viewer think differently about an issue entirely.  It not only made me change my mind, it also made me want to better myself toward perfection.  Miyazaki has successfully proven that technology is not an opponent of nature.  Sometimes society makes it seem that way because of how technology is abused.  He reminds us that human nature is something we must control in order to live a better life.

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Matt Ellis