Setting the angel free

Hayao Miyazaki has done more than just directed these full length films we’ve been talking about on our blog so far.  Throughout his career, Miyazaki has also done some writing, scoring, and directing of short films.  I tried to look for some of his shorts on the internet so that I could watch a few, but the only one I could find is actually a music video Miyazaki directed for a song by the Japanese rock duo Chage & Aska.  (Apparently, the two anti-corporation police in this video resemble those two men).  The video is roughly seven minutes long.

Again, following his environmentalist propaganda lead in the rest of his filmography, Miyazaki was inspired for this music video by the Chernobyl accident that happened in 1986.  There are nuclear symbols on the side of the vehicles that appear, characters in hazmat suits are visible, and an abandoned village with a nuclear facility in the center that has obviously melted down is shown near the end of the video.  The reactor is covered with a giant concrete sarcophagus.

The main character of this short story is a girl who resembles an angel with wings and white hair.  The two men rescue her from a

Returning the favor

cult-like situation.  They succeed, and she is exceptionally grateful, as is evidenced by her adoring smile at the end of the video.  The apparent idea is that she is released into this area that has been abandoned because of the nuclear meltdown, but, following in Miyazaki’s worldview, nature has taken over and managed to grow despite this tragedy.  Just like in Ponyo and Spirited Away, once people leave well enough alone, nature is able to turn everything back around.

Just a final question: The winged girl is supposed to look like Nausicaa from Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind.  Does she?

^^Watch the video here.


Posted by: Amy